5 Facts About Secondary Glazing

Second glazing has multiple advantages, whether your house requires enhanced thermal performance, acoustic insulation or assist with condensation it could be the excellent remedy.

It is suitable for any kind of building, residential or commercial however not everyone knows about it or just exactly how fantastic it is. If you are brand-new to the idea of secondary glazing then take a look at these 5 truths that may stun you.

1. Secondary Glazing is Less Costly than Double Glazing

The high quality materials utilized to produce Powder Coated Aluminium and Wood can be a lot more costly than uPVC plastic.  However, the overall product web content, time to set up, no landfill disposal, as well as often missed out on cost, no redecoration demands provides a dramatically reduced price, without jeopardizing performance. In addition to the materials being from abundant managed sources as well as readily recyclable.

2. Additional Glazing comes in hundreds of different colours

If you thought secondary glazing was only offered in white, reconsider.  Secondary Glazing does come in white as basic, yet there’s a vast array of colours available to match to your key window colour or space decoration.

3. Second glazing is ECO Friendly

Original wood windows can last for centuries and, with a little treatment and interest, might last centuries extra, shielding our building heritage for future generations.

Home window restoration helps prevent waste and the damages to the atmosphere that the manufacture of replacement windows causes. 

4. Secondary glazing is just one of the best means to reduce sound

Yes that’s right, secondary glazing is one of the best ways to lower sound as well as sound evidence your home windows, it can lower external noise by around 75%.

Unwanted noise is a problem in several residences as well as commercial buildings, particularly in towns and cities and duration residential properties with original solitary glazing. Web traffic, road as well as airplane sound detrimentally affect living as well as workplace, causing undesirable stress, an absence of concentration and even worse. 

5. Additional glazing is not simply for listed residential properties

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